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April 2012 

Only the Best for my Child

Creating that deep emotional bond starts with effectively communicating your thougths and actions in an understandable manner to your child so that your intentions may not be misunderstood or taken for granted.

HeartWorks is pleased to have Diana Kubilos, a social worker and health educator who specialize in women’s health and family life education to give a talk on how to develop stronger and deeper communication techniques with your child. This FREE 2 hour talk will give you some tips you can bring home to work on creating better relationships with your children.

Some of the topics that are covered are:
• Determining Challenges and Setting Goals
• Emotional Intelligence and Raising “Thinking Kids”
• Empathetic listening : One of human’s greatest needs
• Standing Back : Observing without evaluating
• Transforming your anger into learning messages
• Taking Responsibility of our feelings
• How to Request, with connection and empowerment
• Expressing Appreciation deeply and compassionately
and many more…

Date:      14 April 2012 (Saturday) 2.30pm – 4.30pm

Fee:        FREE

To register, please send an email to or SMS 012-3771191

Here is an invitation to examine relationships through Systemic Constellation…

Our deepest relationships with the people in our lives – parents, spouse and/or children provide us with the resource and support we need.  At times, however, these relationships, instead of being a source of support, become a source of challenge. Through Bert Hellinger’s work in Systemic Constellation, he discovered hidden dynamics within family systems can be the reason why we are not experiencing the positive effects of family support. Such dynamic exists in all family systems and is deeply rooted in our genes. Through love and awareness, we can transform the dynamic to be a life-serving force that nourishes us in all aspects of our lives.

Systemic Constellation Work is an experiential process that brings these hidden dynamics in our relationships to light. Hidden dynamics can be affecting one’s relationship with self, with people, as well as with material aspects, such as money and career. The hidden dynamics, although at times experienced as an challenge, always point to a resolution that’s life-serving. By following the resolution presented by the system, we allow an expression of love that energizes and supports us in life. 

Systemic Constellation addresses a variety of issues including, and not limited to, the following…

* Unexplained emotions like anger, sadness, grief or shame

* Difficulty in developing and maintaining relationships with people

* Persistent health problems

* Lack of purpose and direction in life

* Difficulty in keeping job or money

The Facilitator: Ya-Ning TUNG facilitates in a group setting where the group work together to form a constellation that represent the relationship issue you want to work on. Through this process, you gain perspectives and insights into what’s causing blockages in relationships, what caused the situation and how to influence the reality.

Ya-Ning has 20 years of corporate experience managing teams across the globe and developing people across countries in her previous role as Regional Director of Operations in a MNC. She has been trained in numerous coaching and counseling modules with focuses on leadership, personal empowerment and talent development. She believes that Systemic Constellation, a methodology founded and developed by German psychotherapist and philosopher, Bert Hellinger, is one of the most impactful and empowering approach to get clarity on complex human system issues and uncover one’s inner strength. Ya-Ning has several years of exposure to this work, and has been trained by numerous trainers in this work, including Bert Hellinger.

Date:      17 April 2012 (Tues) 8.00pm – 10.30pm

Fee:        By Donation 

To register, please send an email to or SMS 012-3771191

Angel Miracles for Divine Relationships

Very excited to welcome Elisabeth Jensen back to HeartWorks for the second time. I still remember the intense energies during our last session and many interesting things happened for the participants that night.

Connect with the Angels of Relationship, Love & Karmic Clearing & MIRACLES to draw beautiful & positive relationships into your life & to allow them to stay if that is what you BOTH desire. Includes meditations given to Elisabeth Jensen direct from the Angels to assist with this process to assist you to draw your Star Soul Mate to you plus improve ALL your relationships.

ELISABETH JENSEN is the founder of the world famous Angel Miracles Courses & the Principal of Isis Mystery School in Australia. A former Registered Nurse, Midwife & Counsellor she is also the Australian Psychic of The Year 2010.

Elisabeth travel & teaches extensively to share the joy & miracles that have occurred in her life since her dramatic healing by Hamied, Angel of Miracles, in 1992. She will be assisted by Sri Mulyadi from The Blue Lotus Singapore in this powerful 3 hour talk that will create significant changes to your relationships.

Date:      24 April 2012 (Tues) 7.30pm – 10.30pm

Fee:        RM280 for 1 or RM250 each for 2 

Register early as we expect a Full House for this one!

To register, please send an email to or SMS 012-3771191

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All Events are conducted at HeartWorks located at 14B-2 (2nd Floor) Jalan 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. For a map please click here.

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