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Voices that Heals

A special Sound Healing Circle by Stephanie Van Den Driesen
(Secret Life of Nora, Wizard of Oz in KL)

Healing through the Cosmic Womb
Experience deep soul and emotional healing on all levels, releasing eons (not just lifetimes) of grief and sorrow and loss, freeing yourself up to LOVE more, GIVE more, RECEIVE more. This also assists in healing your relationships with women, particularly your mothers. When you let go of this deep emotional imprint, you let the “baggage” go, and will feel lighter & happier, allowing the natural reconnections to the vibrations of feeling loved and nurtured to surface.

The energy of the Unicorns will come through during the session. They hold the 7th dimensional vibration of pure radiant light and will assist reconnect to the gentle pureness of the heart.

You are encouraged to open up your own voice as an instrument of healing during the session. Don’t worry, you’ll be guided.

Allow the LOVE, LIGHT, and SOUND to move you to places hidden deep within, unlock its secrets, and set yourself free…

Facilitator: Stephanie Van Den Driesen Singer, Healer, Sound Channel

Stephanie is a professional singer & sound healer who channels sound activations and healing frequencies through her voice.

A certified practitioner of Theta Healing, Isis Lotus Healing, Angelic Reiki, and Dolphin Sound Therapy. She works with the healing power of sound through the human voice for healing and transformation of consciousness.

What others say about Stephanie’s work

“You are heavenly powerful. You sang to our soul and provided us with the energy to heal, to open up and to be with the one. I could connect with the flow that you have created and can detect your intent and pureness to help us. Thank you again for such powerful sessions.” ~ Sam, Singapore

“As a person who rarely sings out loud, particularly around other people, it was very releasing to sing from the heart. Self-consciousness faded away, and in that, a discovery of another way to express myself.” ~ Raelene, Adelaide, Australia

Date: March 17 2012 (Sat)

Time: 8pm to 10.30pm

Fee: RM 68 per person

To register please email us immediately as seats are limited.

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