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Only the best for my child


When you have children, your life becomes less about you and more about them. Your Facebook page is a constant display of their pictures, from the day they were born and possibly every minute after. You give your very best to them – the best clothing, shoes, food, school – every time and any way possible. Every detail of your live evolves around them.

Naturally these display of affection may be enough to earn us the title as “best mom and dad” but it is also important to be aware that there is more to it than just material things and that creating a deeper, stronger  emotional bond with your child beats everything else. Creating that deep emotional bond starts with effectively communicating your thougths and actions in an understandable manner to your child so that your intentions may not be misunderstood or taken for granted.

HeartWorks is pleased to have Diana Kubilos, a social worker and health educator who specialize in women’s health and family life education to give a talk on how to develop stronger and deeper communication techniques with your child. This FREE 2 hour talk will give you some tips you can bring home to work on creating better relationships with your children.

Some of the topics that are covered are:
• Determining Challenges and Setting Goals
• Emotional Intelligence and Raising “Thinking Kids”
• Empathetic listening : One of human’s greatest needs
• Standing Back : Observing without evaluating
• Transforming your anger into learning messages
• Taking Responsibility of our feelings
• How to Request, with connection and empowerment
• Expressing Appreciation deeply and compassionately
and many more…

Who should attend?
This program is perfect for parents or parents to be – never too late or too early to learn; care-takers, teachers or anyone handling children.

Date:    14 April 2012, Saturday

Time:    2.30pm – 4.30pm

Fee:       Free 

Please REGISTER a seat by email ( or SMS 012-3771191 with name & if you are coming with your spouse.

See you then!

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