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Do you know that Sickness shows up in your Energy Field before it shows up in the body?

Like oxygen, our energy field is not something that we can see, but that doesn’t mean it does not exist. It is like emotions or feelings that we can see but know it is there.

So why do I need to pay attention to my Energy Field?

Our energy field is like a layer of protection around our physical body. To illustrate this, imagine the flu virus or radiation in an area – it permeates your energy filed before it hits your physical body. Therefore you need to build a strong energy body and clear contaminates that comes your way.

What Happens during a Healing Session?

Your healer will access the physical and psychological health through dialogue and observing the energy field. Then you either sit or lie down on the healing table, while the healer channels energy from pure positive source to heal any problems in your energy field.

How many sessions does one need?

That depends entirely on you and the illness or issues that you wish to clear. Physical issues may even heal In 1 session depending on the severity and time it has been with you. Psychological issues will heal faster if you participate and take part in your personal healing by learning to let go off the past and move forward through the journey of healing.

Healing can also help release you from undesirable situations and create positive ones for you.

Need more information?

Please call us for a chat or come for an energy healing session

Daphne Koh or Jaime Shun are offering card readings and energy healing sessions.

Fee: RM180 each session of 75 minutes

For Enquiries or Bookings:

Email or Call +603-6211 0676 or SMS +6012-3771191


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