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From time to time we bring in special guest speakers locally and from all over the world to address topics related to enriching relationships. Topics varies from working on family & romantic relationships, engaging in fun activities, retreats, improving communication skills with your child or on health and wellness. The possibilities are endless. So keep abreast with our news by checking our Upcoming Events, subscribing to our newsletter and clicking Like on Facebook!

Private Sessions 

Private sessions are for those who wish to take a closer look at the issues or problems that needs more personal attention. Whether you need directions on life, healing past relationship trauma, clearing your energy and your path, we will be able to find someone to match your needs.

Sessions are conducted at HeartWorks with the facilitator of your choice or if you need recommendations on who is the best for your current problem or situation, just feel free to ask!

Relationship Counseling or Raindrop Therapy with Jaime Shun

Jaime is the Founder of HeartWorks, a wellness centre created to assist and empower people to create fulfilling relationships through knowledge, self empowerment and healing. With a great listening ear and compassion for all, she has been counselling many since young, giving sound advice and practical solutions to all she meets. She is currently pursuing a Diploma in Counselling. She combines Isis Lotus Healing and Raindrop Therapy to assist in physical and emotional healing.

Sessions are RM80 for a 45 minutes session for Counseling, RM230 for Raindrop therapy and RM180 for Energy Healing

Energy Healing & Channeling with Daphne Koh

Daphne discovered her passion for healing a year ago and has completed the highest level of Isis Lotus Healing Courses and Angel Miracles courses and a trained Isis Mystery School teacher. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Holistic Theology. A channel for the Divine and a Clairvoyant healer, Daphne endeavors to help anyone in their lives looking to heal their physical, emotional and spiritual body to create the inner peace one deserves and to create miracles in your life.

Sessions are $180 and by appointment only.

To book for a session, please call 03-6211 0676 or Email: 

Tarot Card Reading and Life Values Healing with Tristen Churn

Tristen is foremost a Yoga Instructor that combines yoga philosophy with spiritual understanding. He has completed Divine Will Meditation, Awakening Your Lightbody by Orin and Daben; Releasing Your Healing Voice with Angels, Angel’s Connection; Angels’ Connection Workshop & Almine’s 5-Day Workshop.

Tristen connects to the Buddhist and Bodhisattva lineage as the foundation of his services. By becoming a multi-channel, he communicates with the Masters, Celestial Beings and Crystals to bring in the highest truth of love and wisdom. He also received initiations activations from various Enlightened Masters and Earth Masters to serve the highest good of humanity, ie. Belvaspata Grand Master – Almine.

He has been guided to offer Tarot Card readings combines with Life Values Healing to find out the missing values in your life with the Tarot and transmit healing energy to you to heal your life situation and bring it back to balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Tristen works with his and your Higher Guides to give you prospects and alternatives to help you lead a fulfilling life.

Tarot Reading Sessions are RM108 (1 Hour), RM158 (1.5 Hours) and RM208 (2 Hours)

Tarot Reading Plus Life Values Healing are RM130 (1 Hour), RM190 (1.5 Hours) and RM250 (2 Hours)

To book for a session, please call 03-6211 0676 or Email: 

Sound Healing with Stephanie Van Driesen

Stephanie is a professional singer, sound healer, certified practitioner of Theta Healing, Angelic Reiki, and Dolphin Sound Therapy. She works with you to understand obstacles in your path and heal trauma in your life with the healing power of sound through the human voice.

Her voice soothes, activates and realign the light within one’s light matrix and heals through sound frequencies of her angelic voice.

Having conducted healings & workshops in KL, Penang, Singapore and Australia, she continues to grow and be inspired by the Light, and is on a mission to awaken the spirit of sound within every beautiful soul she meets!

Energy Healing with Sri Mulyadi

Sri is an especially gifted natural healer who has been initiated in the Great Pyramid and Temples of Egypt as a High Priestess of the Goddesses Sekhmet and Isis.

She is also an Advanced Isis Mystery School Authorised Teacher plus an Angel Miracles Teacher and Psychic.

Having studied many other systems of healing and spiritual developer, Sri is also a Bazi Practitioner with extensive training and practice is Joey Yap’s Fengshui system.

Sri, who offers healings and psychic readings, teaches Angel Miracles and Isis Courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Egypt. At her own healing center in Singapore, The Blue Lotus, Sri also hosts events for a number of International Healers, Psychics and Teachers including Elisabeth Jensen.

Sessions are $300 and by appointment only

To book for a session, please call 03-6211 0676 or Email: 

Holistic Empowerment And Rebalance with Chua Hong Ling

Hong Ling is Shamanic healer and Channeler with a kind and compassionate heart that believes in empowering her clients with the ability and knowledge to create healing for themselves.

Being clairvoyant, she is able to detect, release and heal physical and emotional issues in your life through an energy healing session that encompasses firstly an understanding of issues bothering you, a scan of your aura, a talk with your guide and hers and then a healing on issues as guided.

She delivers pertinent readings and healings to those seeking clarity in their life purpose, issues with work or career, emotional issues on relationships, family, deceased, stuck issues in this life and past, health ailments, and acts as a mentor for those new or seasoned on the spiritual path.

After a session you will feel lighter, gain clarity on questions you seek answers to, empowered to pursue your life purpose, heal from past traumas or health issues affecting you now.

Depending on the issues you need to address, we recommend at least 2 – 3 sessions to ensure all healings are thorough and most effective for you.

Sessions are RM200 (1-1.5 hours). She visits from Singapore from 9th – 14 Dec 2011

Holistic Educator And Raindrop Therapist with Chua Hong Leong

An international holistic teacher and healer with over 30 years experience in spirituality, Hong started Meditation / QiGong at 5 and is trained in Acupressure since his early teens.

A computer engineer, Hong has worked 15 years as a corporate consultant implementing complex financial applications. In 2008, he has completed 2 diploma programs in holistic health and therapy in Australia. He is currently pursuing a PhD in complementary medicine.

Hong integrates both the analytical and the intuitive. He works on the physical and subtle bodies of emotion, mind, energy and spirit. He is passionate in reminding people that they hold the power of their destiny in their own hands. Through his meditation classes, workshops, retreats and empowerment, he facilitates healing through self awareness.

As a Shamanic Practitioner of the Nyingma tradition, he is sensitive to subtle energies. He specialises in the Transformation of the duality of Yin and Yang into Oneness through the framework of the 5 Elements on the Multi Dimensional Body. This is further enhanced with Raindrop therapy where appropriate aromatic plants are chosen intuitively for optimal healing.

Working with energy, he takes a systematic approach to Cleanse, Purify, Release, Align, Attune, Activate, Awaken, Integrate & Mastery. Hong considers himself a Door Opener. He holds the Sacred Space to allow you to unlock the door of your heart and enable you to walk out on your own for your personal healing and transformation.

To book for a session, please call 03-6211 0676 or Email: 

We welcome all practitioners to HeartWorks. If you would like to us to host your workshops or courses or private sessions, please contact us. 

Items Available

Healing and Meditation CDs of Isis Mystery School and Oracle Card (RM85 each)

Isis Statue (RM90)





Egyptian Pendants (All are Silver and 18K Gold Plated, White Gold – RM300, Yellow Gold RM350)

Blue Lotus Tara Essence (RM78)





Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (various prices)





All available at HeartWorks. We ship locally and internationally for a fee.

Please contact us for your order at or call 603-6211 0676


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