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Your Voice as a Healing Instrument

Awakening your Voice
The Healing Instrument

An in-depth exploration into sound healing and how to activate your voice to bring through self-healing, release & daily practice incorporating the transformative power of conscious “sounding”, affirmations & freedom of body & voice!

This basic level workshop aims to assist one to open up to the power of one’s voice for healing, expression, empowerment and transmutation.

  •       Align to your soul’s purpose, release multi-level blocks to answering your Soul’s call, find out how your vibration can assist you & the collective ascension process of the planet.
  •       Develop a basic understanding of how sound and voice are applied in healing.
  •       Free up your voice for greater ease of expression and communication
  •       Become more in tune with your channels of healing, your own ability to heal
  •       Connect with Source and bring through loving vibrations with your voice!

There will be lots of Movement, Singing, Toning, Breathing & Meditation!

Part 1: Opening Circle & Introduction to How the Voice Heals

We begin with an opening circle to unite our intentions, balance the field and clear deep blocks associated with our power, manifestation & voice projection.

Then we look at how the human voice is capable of accessing inter-dimensional frequencies for the use of Creation, Soul Healing, Clearing and Balancing. Healing frequencies through sound and light language will be provided to cleanse your system of old karmic resonances for greater ease to use your voice with greater freedom.

A download of esoteric information and symbols – as attunement for the sound-work, provided through the Archangel Raziel, the archangel of spiritual understanding, channeled through Stephanie.

Part 2: Freeing the Body and Breath for Sound Healing

We prepare the body as the physical structure to hold the sound-light healing frequencies that will flow through you. The movements release muscular locks, clears meridian lines and tension for greater freedom, which will translate into the freedom of sounding through your voice.

Come to see your voice as your whole body!

Practice optimal breathing techniques to support the voice during sound healing. An extensive breath preparation programme to clear the internal systems of energetic debris, as well as having the benefit of flooding the body with oxygen and life force.

Part 3: Accessing the Healing Power of Your Voice

This is where you will really flow with accessing the infinite power of your divine voice! We will learn to create sacred space, balance the 5 elements, transmute & cleanse heavy energies all using the power of voice! Followed by a group sound meditation directed at opening the channels of healing through sound and light through the 7 chakras.

When you allow your voice to fly, so does your spirit!
2 September 2012 (Sunday): 12.30pm – 5.30pm (have lunch beforehand)
Fee: RM350 per person

Note: Bring along a crystal or crystals to help anchor and absorb the energies, this will be your partner crystal when you resume the sound/voice work in the comfort of your home. It will hold the energies of the workshop, bringing forth energetically its quantum imprint.

Workshop notes are provided.

*Disclaimer: All information provided in this workshop is for private use of the participants only.  This course is an introductory course to self healing through the human voice and no way provides permission or license to participants to conduct sound healing on others in a professional setting. Should participants intend on becoming professional sound healers, they are advised to take on further instruction in sound healing and healing modalities through certification and training.*

Conducted by Stephanie Van Den Driesen

sound healer, energy healing, archangel metatron
Recently features as Dorothy in the Wozard Of Ox comes to KL, Stephanie now pursues her passion in assisting people to connect with their own voice for healing.

She has trained with Dolphin Therapy researcher Patricia Athena (Australia) in Dolphin Sound Healing. Since then, she has explored vocal sound healing in many other modalities, eventually developing her own voice healing modality which is based on channeling sound frequencies and sacred light language for healing and activating the Soul’s potential.

Stephanie is also trained in Angelic Reiki, Soul Voice, ThetaHealing & Isis Lotus Healing. She continues to explore other modalities of healing to assist in further developing vocal sound healing.

Stephanie is currently working on spiritual albums featuring her original songs of healing and awakening.

To register, please call or email:


14B-2 (2nd Flr) Jalan 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL

Email: or SMS: +6012 3771191


Your Relationship with Money

Money and Me

Does Money = Happiness?

Is Money limiting your Happiness?

Many of us struggle unhappily because of money. For some its to make ends meet and for some its just not enough. We slog at jobs that are not fulfilling just to pay our bills, put aside our passion and aspirations because it may not be financially sound or have a fear so huge that we bury our dreams.

That need not be a reality. In fact it is possible to reach out for assistance and change our mindset about our relationship with money.

In this workshop, you will be able to seek assistance from Archangel Metatron, he who had human origins as the prophet Enoch, Metatron understands the experience of humanity more than most! Allow his presence and divine wisdom to guide, inspire and enlighten aspects of you towards a fulfilling life as he did and still is. A blueprint of divine-human manifestation, he teaches this to us now at this time when we too are ascending to a higher state of God-within!

  • Release limiting beliefs and patterns of manifesting money.
  • Align with prosperity consciousness and manifest in alignment with the heart space & Soul
  • Light language attunements to manifestation keys and Soul Wisdom by Archangel Metatron

Money & Manifesting Your Dream Life

Thursday, August 23, 2012

7.30pm – 9.30pm

RM 66 per person

Conducted by Stephanie van den Driesen

sound healer, energy healing, archangel metatron

Singer, Healer, Sound Channel

Stephanie is a professional singer & sound healer who channels sound activations and healing frequencies through her voice.

A certified practitioner of Theta Healing, Isis Lotus Healing, Angelic Reiki, and Dolphin Sound Therapy. She works with the healing power of sound through the human voice for healing and transformation of consciousness.

To register, email or SMS 012-3771191 to register now with your name & phone no.

It’ll be a full house event, please do register early to avoid disappointment!

See you there!


14B-2 (2nd Flr) Jalan 25/70A,

Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

A Divine Weekend

Every once in a while you ask questions that you can’t seem to have answers to.

“Is this guy the one for me?”

“Should I take this job offer or wait?”

“Should I migrate”

“Will this course be right for me?”

….and lots more everyday questions. Wouldn’t it be great if we can learn a tool that can help shed some light and give us guidance on all our questions?

That’s what Tarot, an ancient tool used for divination and guidance can do for anyone who understands how to use them and how to ask the right questions.

This mini workshop is a fun way to discover Tarot, how it can work for you and how you can use it to help. Tarot gives you greater insight into understanding your internal state, increases your intuition and help you in activating your subconscious abilities.

Something like developing your gut feeling; only better!


What does your Date of Birth reveal about you? Lots apparently!

Learning Numerology helps you identify your character, talents, inner consciousness and life purpose, identify the time of challenges/transitions faced by men in a lifetime.

Plus the same applies for your friends, colleague, your spouse or partners, family members, etc. As long as you have their name and date of birth, lots can be uncovered!

This workshop is design for anyone interested to find out how a simple set of numbers (from our name and date of birth) could analyze one’s relationship with others.

It teaches you on how to understand people’s behaviour, character, desire, outlook and lifestyle so that you can manage and have a better relationship with people in general.

It’s a great party trick to learn too!

2 June 2012 (Saturday) 

Tarot                 : 11am – 1pm
Numerology    : 3pm – 5pm
Fee                     : RM75 each session

To register please email your Name & Phone number to[@] or SMS +60123771191

Join us for a fun filled time with Renae and Paul, practitioners from Singapore who has done many workshops for the masses locally and internationally.

Society does not dictate who you are, YOU do.

For centuries now, we have been molded into a certain stereotypical way of life that is right for us. Society, friends, family all have the same mind set of what is good and right. They seem to think we should be going to school, getting good grades, excel in sports, get an excellent degree then climb the corporate ladder, make a decent living, get promoted, get married and have beautiful children. That seems like the perfect picture for most people. But when you fall short of this perfect picture, you blame yourself. Constantly asking why am I not good enough? What is wrong with me that I can’t be like the others or blame others and the world that life has been unfair for you since you are not as good or as outspoken or as pretty or as smart as the other person who’s got everything right.

But just think for a minute about that picture there.

That picture is painted by most people, someone else who doesnt know who you are, what you are capable of, how different and unique you can be and how your picture is a happier, more fulfilling one. And that you can choose to paint a different picture. If your picture is one of a single life, so be it. If your picture is one that is being an artist living from day to day, just be. If your picture is one where you are an introvert, enjoy your moments alone. If your picture is one without children, choose it. Whatever picture it may be, be sure that it’ll make you happy and fulfilled in your own life, not someone else’s.

Go on, follow your heart and paint your own picture today.


When the one we love the most hurt the most

Many misunderstandings stem from a disagreement in differing perspective. You may want the best for your family members according to your point of view but according to them your way may just seem unreasonable.

These constant feuds disrupt family bonds and harmony. When unresolved, it can be passed down to the next generation – as we learn the ways to deal with issues from our parents; we do the same to our children.

Thankfully, there is a technology discovered by Bert Hellinger, the German philosopher-psychologist who discovered that there is an experiential process that aims to release and resolve profound tensions within and between people. When you understand and come to terms with what they actually feel, all your built up frustrations can be finally resolved and you can be at peace. The truth can really set you free. 

The Systematic Constellation Workshop

12 May 2012 (Saturday) 10am – 5pm

How it works:

  • A group (workshop) is led by a facilitator. In turn, members of the group can explore an urgent personal issue. Generally, several members will be given an opportunity to set up a Constellation in each session.
  • After a brief interview, the facilitator suggests who will be represented in the Constellation. These are usually a representative for the seeker, one or more family members, and sometimes abstract concepts such as “depression” or a country.
  • The person presenting the issue (seeker or client) asks people from the group to stand in the Constellation as representatives. He or she arranges the representatives according to what feels right in the moment. The seeker then sits down and observes.

The Facilitator:

Ya-Ning has 20 years of corporate experience managing teams across the globe and developing people across countries in her previous role as Regional Director of Operations in a MNC. She has been trained in numerous coaching and counseling modules with focuses on leadership, personal empowerment and talent development. She believes that Systemic Constellation, is one of the most impactful and empowering approach to get clarity on complex human system issues and uncover one’s inner strength. Ya-Ning has several years of exposure to this work, and has been trained by numerous trainers in this work, including Bert Hellinger.

We only have limited seats to enable adequate participation, please do email us to reserve a seat early: or if you have any questions, please call +6012-3771191.

Past Lives, Present Lovers

Ask any psychic, psychologist or counsellor about the most common concerns one have in their life is relationship issues – especially past and present love relationships. For psychics of course many questions involve a possible future relationship and I love to predict a wonderful new lover coming for clients but sometimes my crystal ball just doesn’t show this happening or I really can’t see the relationship in question bringing great fulfilment in the future. In these cases it’s necessary to say what I see but I like to also look deeper to see what is the cause of this situation plus if it can be changed.


Most people we meet that we are strongly drawn to being with -to regardless of whether it’s wise or not- we have shared a past life with. That inner remembering of a past life relationship seems to often draw people magnetically together and they then often feel almost compelled to maintain the relationship. Thats often fine of course but if  these people seek psychic guidance about the future of this relationship then examining the past lives the couple spent together can be very enlightening.

Past life readings ( or in some cases past life spiritual journeys) often show the couple experiencing many difficult past lives together – often with traumatic and painful endings for one or both of the partners. Abandoning your lover in a past life for whatever reason seems to set the stage for you being overprotective in this life regardless of the reason for doing this before  e.g. a soldier needing to go off to war and never returning to his wife and children in the 18th century sets the stage for fear of abandonment again in this life. Violence and arguments seen time and time again in many past lives together tends to be reflected in this current life time by many insecurities and vague fears of history repeating itself.


I do believe we reincarnate with members of our Soul Family many times BUT because we knew each other before in past lives, or were even married in the past, it doesn’t mean we need to be together in this life time. In general many Soul Mates are meant to be recognised as such but NOT married to each other! The more lives together the more difficult the Karma seems to be often I find…so please reconsider that relationship and clear your karma first before you create any more.

Karmic Release is a process whereby you acknowledge you have had past lives together or are carrying burdens from other similar relationships and ask the Karmic Angels or Egyptian Divinities such as Goddess Maat and Isis to clear these past life energy blockages from your mind, auric field and Akashic Records. Everything you ever did in any life on earth, including this one, is recorded in the Akashic Records and these Records can be accessed and read plus cleared if needed. The Archangel Metatron and the Egyptian Divinity Thoth are both Keepers of the Akashic Records and can be consulted in deep meditation, past life journeys or by some psychics.


Yes, sometimes we really do have wonderful experiences together in past lives and agree to meet up to do it all again in this one! In my experience these evolved souls have first met long ago in very early Atlantis or Lemuria and agreed on the numbers of lives they would like  to share together and then at this particular time on earth they agreed they would have one more final life together. These relationship usually seem smooth from the very beginning with the couple often having met in an auspicious situation e.g. at a spiritual seminar or in a group devoted to aware living. These couples do feel very drawn to be together but are very mindful of the needs of each other and a quick check of their Akashic Records reveals more positive past lives than difficult ones.

To draw your Star Soul Mate to you I don’t suggest you use magic spells, Vision Boards or written lists of your “Perfect Partner”….mainly because people often leave off a few essential attributes resulting in considerable pain and stress. Meditation and visualisation is the key to success here plus calling upon the Archangels and Goddesses to assist you to find that perfect partner – Haniel and Hathor are a wonderful combination for this. Your Soul Star Chakra is located above the crown chakra of your head and its function is to assist you with your Soul Purpose in this life plus to magnetise your true Star Soul Mate to you as well.

The best path to true love with another is to love YOURSELF first too…or at least to allow yourself a sense of compassion for the all times before you were ever aware that you are truly a Star in a great ongoing drama here on Earth School.

Written by Elisabeth Jensen

She was voted Australian Psychic of the Year 2010 and is the author of Isis Lotus Oracle Cards plus three meditation CDs and is the Principal of Isis Mystery School. Join us in her powerful workshop to attract loving relationships in your life.

Date:     24 April 2012 (Tues)

Time:     7.30pm – 10.30pm

Fee:        RM280 for 1 or bring a friend and pay RM250 each

For details please see here or call +6012 3771191 and email for registration.

Only the best for my child


When you have children, your life becomes less about you and more about them. Your Facebook page is a constant display of their pictures, from the day they were born and possibly every minute after. You give your very best to them – the best clothing, shoes, food, school – every time and any way possible. Every detail of your live evolves around them.

Naturally these display of affection may be enough to earn us the title as “best mom and dad” but it is also important to be aware that there is more to it than just material things and that creating a deeper, stronger  emotional bond with your child beats everything else. Creating that deep emotional bond starts with effectively communicating your thougths and actions in an understandable manner to your child so that your intentions may not be misunderstood or taken for granted.

HeartWorks is pleased to have Diana Kubilos, a social worker and health educator who specialize in women’s health and family life education to give a talk on how to develop stronger and deeper communication techniques with your child. This FREE 2 hour talk will give you some tips you can bring home to work on creating better relationships with your children.

Some of the topics that are covered are:
• Determining Challenges and Setting Goals
• Emotional Intelligence and Raising “Thinking Kids”
• Empathetic listening : One of human’s greatest needs
• Standing Back : Observing without evaluating
• Transforming your anger into learning messages
• Taking Responsibility of our feelings
• How to Request, with connection and empowerment
• Expressing Appreciation deeply and compassionately
and many more…

Who should attend?
This program is perfect for parents or parents to be – never too late or too early to learn; care-takers, teachers or anyone handling children.

Date:    14 April 2012, Saturday

Time:    2.30pm – 4.30pm

Fee:       Free 

Please REGISTER a seat by email ( or SMS 012-3771191 with name & if you are coming with your spouse.

See you then!

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