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Awakening your Voice
The Healing Instrument

An in-depth exploration into sound healing and how to activate your voice to bring through self-healing, release & daily practice incorporating the transformative power of conscious “sounding”, affirmations & freedom of body & voice!

This basic level workshop aims to assist one to open up to the power of one’s voice for healing, expression, empowerment and transmutation.

  •       Align to your soul’s purpose, release multi-level blocks to answering your Soul’s call, find out how your vibration can assist you & the collective ascension process of the planet.
  •       Develop a basic understanding of how sound and voice are applied in healing.
  •       Free up your voice for greater ease of expression and communication
  •       Become more in tune with your channels of healing, your own ability to heal
  •       Connect with Source and bring through loving vibrations with your voice!

There will be lots of Movement, Singing, Toning, Breathing & Meditation!

Part 1: Opening Circle & Introduction to How the Voice Heals

We begin with an opening circle to unite our intentions, balance the field and clear deep blocks associated with our power, manifestation & voice projection.

Then we look at how the human voice is capable of accessing inter-dimensional frequencies for the use of Creation, Soul Healing, Clearing and Balancing. Healing frequencies through sound and light language will be provided to cleanse your system of old karmic resonances for greater ease to use your voice with greater freedom.

A download of esoteric information and symbols – as attunement for the sound-work, provided through the Archangel Raziel, the archangel of spiritual understanding, channeled through Stephanie.

Part 2: Freeing the Body and Breath for Sound Healing

We prepare the body as the physical structure to hold the sound-light healing frequencies that will flow through you. The movements release muscular locks, clears meridian lines and tension for greater freedom, which will translate into the freedom of sounding through your voice.

Come to see your voice as your whole body!

Practice optimal breathing techniques to support the voice during sound healing. An extensive breath preparation programme to clear the internal systems of energetic debris, as well as having the benefit of flooding the body with oxygen and life force.

Part 3: Accessing the Healing Power of Your Voice

This is where you will really flow with accessing the infinite power of your divine voice! We will learn to create sacred space, balance the 5 elements, transmute & cleanse heavy energies all using the power of voice! Followed by a group sound meditation directed at opening the channels of healing through sound and light through the 7 chakras.

When you allow your voice to fly, so does your spirit!
2 September 2012 (Sunday): 12.30pm – 5.30pm (have lunch beforehand)
Fee: RM350 per person

Note: Bring along a crystal or crystals to help anchor and absorb the energies, this will be your partner crystal when you resume the sound/voice work in the comfort of your home. It will hold the energies of the workshop, bringing forth energetically its quantum imprint.

Workshop notes are provided.

*Disclaimer: All information provided in this workshop is for private use of the participants only.  This course is an introductory course to self healing through the human voice and no way provides permission or license to participants to conduct sound healing on others in a professional setting. Should participants intend on becoming professional sound healers, they are advised to take on further instruction in sound healing and healing modalities through certification and training.*

Conducted by Stephanie Van Den Driesen

sound healer, energy healing, archangel metatron
Recently features as Dorothy in the Wozard Of Ox comes to KL, Stephanie now pursues her passion in assisting people to connect with their own voice for healing.

She has trained with Dolphin Therapy researcher Patricia Athena (Australia) in Dolphin Sound Healing. Since then, she has explored vocal sound healing in many other modalities, eventually developing her own voice healing modality which is based on channeling sound frequencies and sacred light language for healing and activating the Soul’s potential.

Stephanie is also trained in Angelic Reiki, Soul Voice, ThetaHealing & Isis Lotus Healing. She continues to explore other modalities of healing to assist in further developing vocal sound healing.

Stephanie is currently working on spiritual albums featuring her original songs of healing and awakening.

To register, please call or email:


14B-2 (2nd Flr) Jalan 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL

Email: or SMS: +6012 3771191


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