Creating Fulfilling Relationships

A Divine Weekend

Every once in a while you ask questions that you can’t seem to have answers to.

“Is this guy the one for me?”

“Should I take this job offer or wait?”

“Should I migrate”

“Will this course be right for me?”

….and lots more everyday questions. Wouldn’t it be great if we can learn a tool that can help shed some light and give us guidance on all our questions?

That’s what Tarot, an ancient tool used for divination and guidance can do for anyone who understands how to use them and how to ask the right questions.

This mini workshop is a fun way to discover Tarot, how it can work for you and how you can use it to help. Tarot gives you greater insight into understanding your internal state, increases your intuition and help you in activating your subconscious abilities.

Something like developing your gut feeling; only better!


What does your Date of Birth reveal about you? Lots apparently!

Learning Numerology helps you identify your character, talents, inner consciousness and life purpose, identify the time of challenges/transitions faced by men in a lifetime.

Plus the same applies for your friends, colleague, your spouse or partners, family members, etc. As long as you have their name and date of birth, lots can be uncovered!

This workshop is design for anyone interested to find out how a simple set of numbers (from our name and date of birth) could analyze one’s relationship with others.

It teaches you on how to understand people’s behaviour, character, desire, outlook and lifestyle so that you can manage and have a better relationship with people in general.

It’s a great party trick to learn too!

2 June 2012 (Saturday) 

Tarot                 : 11am – 1pm
Numerology    : 3pm – 5pm
Fee                     : RM75 each session

To register please email your Name & Phone number to[@] or SMS +60123771191

Join us for a fun filled time with Renae and Paul, practitioners from Singapore who has done many workshops for the masses locally and internationally.


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