Creating Fulfilling Relationships

Ask any psychic, psychologist or counsellor about the most common concerns one have in their life is relationship issues – especially past and present love relationships. For psychics of course many questions involve a possible future relationship and I love to predict a wonderful new lover coming for clients but sometimes my crystal ball just doesn’t show this happening or I really can’t see the relationship in question bringing great fulfilment in the future. In these cases it’s necessary to say what I see but I like to also look deeper to see what is the cause of this situation plus if it can be changed.


Most people we meet that we are strongly drawn to being with -to regardless of whether it’s wise or not- we have shared a past life with. That inner remembering of a past life relationship seems to often draw people magnetically together and they then often feel almost compelled to maintain the relationship. Thats often fine of course but if  these people seek psychic guidance about the future of this relationship then examining the past lives the couple spent together can be very enlightening.

Past life readings ( or in some cases past life spiritual journeys) often show the couple experiencing many difficult past lives together – often with traumatic and painful endings for one or both of the partners. Abandoning your lover in a past life for whatever reason seems to set the stage for you being overprotective in this life regardless of the reason for doing this before  e.g. a soldier needing to go off to war and never returning to his wife and children in the 18th century sets the stage for fear of abandonment again in this life. Violence and arguments seen time and time again in many past lives together tends to be reflected in this current life time by many insecurities and vague fears of history repeating itself.


I do believe we reincarnate with members of our Soul Family many times BUT because we knew each other before in past lives, or were even married in the past, it doesn’t mean we need to be together in this life time. In general many Soul Mates are meant to be recognised as such but NOT married to each other! The more lives together the more difficult the Karma seems to be often I find…so please reconsider that relationship and clear your karma first before you create any more.

Karmic Release is a process whereby you acknowledge you have had past lives together or are carrying burdens from other similar relationships and ask the Karmic Angels or Egyptian Divinities such as Goddess Maat and Isis to clear these past life energy blockages from your mind, auric field and Akashic Records. Everything you ever did in any life on earth, including this one, is recorded in the Akashic Records and these Records can be accessed and read plus cleared if needed. The Archangel Metatron and the Egyptian Divinity Thoth are both Keepers of the Akashic Records and can be consulted in deep meditation, past life journeys or by some psychics.


Yes, sometimes we really do have wonderful experiences together in past lives and agree to meet up to do it all again in this one! In my experience these evolved souls have first met long ago in very early Atlantis or Lemuria and agreed on the numbers of lives they would like  to share together and then at this particular time on earth they agreed they would have one more final life together. These relationship usually seem smooth from the very beginning with the couple often having met in an auspicious situation e.g. at a spiritual seminar or in a group devoted to aware living. These couples do feel very drawn to be together but are very mindful of the needs of each other and a quick check of their Akashic Records reveals more positive past lives than difficult ones.

To draw your Star Soul Mate to you I don’t suggest you use magic spells, Vision Boards or written lists of your “Perfect Partner”….mainly because people often leave off a few essential attributes resulting in considerable pain and stress. Meditation and visualisation is the key to success here plus calling upon the Archangels and Goddesses to assist you to find that perfect partner – Haniel and Hathor are a wonderful combination for this. Your Soul Star Chakra is located above the crown chakra of your head and its function is to assist you with your Soul Purpose in this life plus to magnetise your true Star Soul Mate to you as well.

The best path to true love with another is to love YOURSELF first too…or at least to allow yourself a sense of compassion for the all times before you were ever aware that you are truly a Star in a great ongoing drama here on Earth School.

Written by Elisabeth Jensen

She was voted Australian Psychic of the Year 2010 and is the author of Isis Lotus Oracle Cards plus three meditation CDs and is the Principal of Isis Mystery School. Join us in her powerful workshop to attract loving relationships in your life.

Date:     24 April 2012 (Tues)

Time:     7.30pm – 10.30pm

Fee:        RM280 for 1 or bring a friend and pay RM250 each

For details please see here or call +6012 3771191 and email for registration.


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