Creating Fulfilling Relationships

I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you that relationships are hard work, yet many people neglect to put in more effort to keep the bond strong and healthy for a lasting relationship. We all admire the old couples walking on the streets still holding hands and in love. So how does one imitate what they have into our own lives?

Here is 3 steps you can immediately use to enrich your relationships.

One: Communicate

Yes it’s true when they say communication is the key to all great relationships. It’s more than just the usual how was your day conversations but more of getting to know the person you are with in greater depth that involves asking meaningful questions and being attentive to the answers. Find out what makes your partner tick and what does not. Questions like, “What actions can I take to make you feel more secure” or “How would you like me to show you that I love you. Is it by touch, by words or by actions”. That is the kind of question that would really help you understand each other better.

Two: Respect

Respect really comes from within. When you respect your partner enough to not abuse the person in anyway at all, you have got most of your arguments sorted out. Imagine someone you truly respected. Like your Father or the prime minster or even your boss. You wouldn’t for a second hurl any obscenities at him nor would you degrade or make a mockery out of him or her. Likewise do this and keep in mind the love that you have for each other and respect that person as you would respect yourself.

Three: Trust

A relationship really cannot work if you don’t trust your partner whole-heartedly. Many find this very hard to do if they had a past that lead to betrayal. But do remember that not everyone you meet is the same or has the same qualities of someone in the past. You cannot truly love if you cannot trust. If you did have bad experiences before, its best to work on it, release that part of the emotion and let it go. Let love fill your life instead of doubts. It also helps if you did choose a compatible partner in the beginning but that’s another story for another day.

So give these 3 ideas a try and you will be surprise how much more fulfilling your relationships can be.


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